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Mead Menu

A sample of our mead menu. Exact menu may vary from what is available in store.

Dry Meads


Traditional Local Key Largo Fall Honey Mead

Local fall harvest Key Largo wildflower honey made into a dry honey mead. Our fall honey has a deep, strong honey flavor highlighted by Brazilian Pepper tree pollen.

Traditional Summer Local Summer Honey Mead

Local summer Key Largo wildflower honey made into a dry honey mead and oak barrel aged. Summer honey has a strong mangrove flavor that results in a slightly salty character that balances the sweetness perfectly. 

Habanero Mead

Spice lovers rejoice! This habanero mead keeps some of its spice without being overwhelming. The fruity character of this pepper pairs beautifully with the honey while keeping the perfect amount of spice.

Semi-sweet Meads


Traditional Orange Blossom

A staple of meaderies everywhere and especially Florida, this version of Orange Blossom mead is the best one we've ever made.


While not a member of the citrus family, this fruit has a citrus tang to it, often described as a mix between kiwis, green grapes, and pears. 

Marionberry: Barrel Aged

Marionberries are a hybrid between raspberries and blackberries. This is a semi-sweet mead that was barrel aged for one year.

Traditional Local Summer: Sauternes Wine Barrel Aged

This mead is made from 2019 summer harvest Key Largo wildflower honey and aged in a used Sauternes wine barrel. This imported barrel lends a rich, bold flavor for real mead afficionados.

Traditional Biscayne National Park Wildflower Honey

When our beekeeper was invited out to Elliot Key in Biscayne National Park to remove a hive they found in one of their buildings, we knew we had an opportunity to make something new and delicious.

We used this unique opportunity to make a traditional honey wine made with the honey from the bees we removed from Biscayne National Park. The bees in this area harvest off a lot of mangroves, lending the honey a salty butterscotch flavor.

Traditional Local Summer Jack Daniels Barrel Aged

Semi-sweet traditional mead made from our Key Largo wildflower honey and aged in a used Jack Daniels whiskey barrel.

Pear: Barrel Aged

This semi-sweet pear mead and tastes like biting into a honey coated pear.

Mango: Barrel Aged

This mead is made with Florida Keys mangoes and aged in an oak barrel. We fermented the mangoes with the honey, giving this semi-sweet mead an unmistakable mango flavor.


We've taken this sweet summer fruit and paired it with honey to bring you a sensationally sweet mead. It's a little tart and then sweetens into that summer flavor you've come to love from plums.

Sweet Meads


Traditional Alfalfa Blossom: Toasted Oak Barrel Aged

One of our classic recipes is now aged in a toasted oak barrel. This aging brought out the natural vanilla notes of the alfalfa blossom honey to create a beautifully sweet mead.

Blueberry: Double Barrel Aged

This is our first time blending two barrels of the same mead together. We blended our blueberry meads from an Appleton Estates rum barrel with our blueberry from our Old Fitzgerald bourbon barrel.

Traditional Local Spring Honey 'Sour Dick': George Dickle Sour Mash Barrel Aged

Aged in a used George Dickle sour mash whiskey barrel, there's nothing sour about this mead! This is a sweet mead made from only 2021 spring harvest Key Largo wildflower honey.

The spring honey gives a sweet finish to this uniquely aged mead that will leave you drooling for more. This is a customer favorite that you don't want to miss out on!

Holiday Spiced: Apple Pie

Holiday spiced is nicknamed our apple pie mead because of how much it reminds us of our favorite dessert. This special mead has won Peoples' Choice awards at a local homebrew competition and the 2022 version is a sweet with an apple cider character.

We recommend trying this mead warm to bring out the full flavor of the savory spices in this mead.


Vanilla and sea salt metheglin mead. Aged in barrels we tossed in the ocean to get salt crusted, this mead has an amazing and sweet flavor. 

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