Please call to verify items are in stock. The online store does not update automatically when items are purchased in the physical store.

Our shipping boxes fit 2, 3, 4, 6, and 12 meads. You can buy any increment, but the shipping charges are governed by the boxes, so filling a box will cost the same as not filling it. We will use the smallest box possible when we ship.

For tap handles, either purchase through the store below and/or call to add to a Vinoshipper shipment.


Please note, we can currently ship to most states, for shipments within Florida or into California, please use our website store. For other states, please use our Vinoshipper link near the bottom of the page. We are still adding meads to Vinoshipper, so if you would like to order a mead missing from Vinoshipper please email or call and we will get it added.


​We have a mead list for emailing our new releases or special deals.

To order a tap handle, please call, email, or submit a request. Please be sure to include the shipping address so we can send an invoice. As of 8-26-20 we have 6 tap handles left, never to be reprinted!

Shipping to other states:

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