This is a semi-sweet traditional mead made with Key Largo honey, from Pirate Hat Apiary. This is a wildflower honey from flowers growing in the Upper Florida Keys during our Spring season of 2018. When customers ask us "what mead do you feel best represents what defines the term 'mead'?" this is the one we let them taste.


This mead is the control (no barrel) and has 6 sisters (different variations of the same batch), each sister was aged in a different Florida Keys Brewing Company beer barrel. To inquire and/or purchase one of the sisters, please call before placing the order or add this mead to your cart and make sure to contact us and let us know which version you want.


We also sell this amazing local honey, so be sure and take a look at Pirate Hat Apiary for an amazing source of local Key Largo honey. The honey is available by season and we allow you to taste each season prior to purchase if you visit us at our retail location.

Spring 2018 Local Traditional

  • Mead is an alcoholic beverage made from honey.

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